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As a native of Maine, the beauty of New England has not been lost with Marc. Photographing many of New Englands waterfalls, lighthouses and coastal towns have inspired him to share those captured moments with others. Moments that often give us reason to pause, reflect, maybe even escape lifes complexities for a brief period. It is that "feeling," that one experiences during those moments, and not what might be considered a "nice picture" that motivates Marc. Many of his images were captured in places many travel, but are all too often overlooked. Also, much of his works are taken "up close and personel," leaving the panoramas to those who do it better. Marc began taking pictures in the early 70's after the purchase of a Pentax K1000 35mm SLR camera. Flash forward to the digital age and a number of Nikons, coupled with new editing software, have given Marc complete control of his images. Control he didn't have while shooting film. Still, having that control over the final image doesn't imply pushing the limits while editing, quite the contrary. Marc captures images with the mindset that most adjustments are made before the shutter is released, allowing only minor adjustments, if any on the computor. Having said that, a new gallery is emerging. That of a few select images offering something a bit different. Given that exception, what you see on the image is what he saw during capture. Marc's collection truely reflects the images of New England.